Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sharing Christ

So, hello world!  This is my first blog and I'm not quite sure where to start.  What made me decide to do this today is an email I was writing defending my position.  I began writing to a person who has an issue with a decision I've made.  This person indicated he wanted to talk about it, yet when I reached out to discuss via phone, text and email, I received a response that said "it's just another unresolved issue".  My email reply was initially going to be one of admonishment.  Telling him that I'm willing to resolve the issue through discussion but that he will have to participate in that discussion.  I so wanted to tell him to stop being such a coward in life.  This is how this person lives his life.  He has issues with people and rather than resolving them, he lets them build up inside to the point he finally had a heart attack several months ago.  It makes me sad that someone would do that to themselves, but then I realize this is not in my control.  This is in God's hands.  God is the director of this play, not me.  It's not my place to judge this person, nor is it really my place to admonish him.  My place is to forgive him for how he behaves and lives his life.  My place is to share Christ with him in hopes that one day the Holy Spirit will open the eyes to his heart so he can come to know Jesus.  It's only this way that his real issues will ever be resolved.